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King Packaging Machinery - C.E.King Limited

Modern and Innovative Tablet Counting, Liquid Filling, Bottle Capping and Container Labeling Packaging Machines Manufactured by a Leading UK Manufacturer of Packaging Machinery C.E.King Limited

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Leading UK packaging machinery manufacturer C.E.King Limited have been manufacturing and supplying liquid filling, tablet counting, capping and labelling machines and machine parts to pharmaceutical, healthcare, animal and veterinary, nutraceuticals, supplements, cosmetics, skincare, toiletries, personal care, chemical, agrochemical, home and garden, automotive, oil lubricants, household and cleaning products, e-liquid and other industries for over 75 years. King are also renown for a high level of after sale and onsite service and support of King packaging machines installed at production facilities worldwide. King machines are ideal for start-up and small businesses through to medium and large production facilities and packaging lines.

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Semi-automatic tablet counters

Automatic tablet counters and packaging lines

Semi-automatic liquid filling machines

Automatic liquid filling machines