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Semi-automatic and Fully Automatic Tablet Counting Machines and Packaging Lines

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King Packaging Machinery - C.E.King Limited
King Packaging Machinery - C.E.King Limited

Modern and Innovative Tablet Counting, Liquid Filling, Bottle Capping and Container Labeling Packaging Machines from C.E.King Limited

The benchtop King Dispenser Rx tablet and capsule counter is a low speed semi-automatic tablet counting machine suitable for tablets, capsules and dragee (up to a maximum of 25 mm diameter in counts of between 1 and 10,000) filling into a wide range of glass and plastic bottles, containers and pouches.

The new automatic tablet and capsule counter King Technocount T8 with a large touch screen uses the latest high speed counting sensors. The machine is easily adaptable. Product feed system requires no change parts. T8 machines are capable of packaging most tablet and capsule forms. They are ideal for medium output production and all types of automatic tablet counting applications and shapes of tablets and capsules. 

Semi-automatic and Automatic Liquid Filling Machines

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The standard gear pump liquid filling machine is equipped with plain liquid filling machine nozzles, however optional pneumatic shut-off dispensing nozzles are available to prevent dripping, blobbing and stringing of difficult liquid and fluid products. Table top gear pump liquid filling machine provides high filling speed with repeatable liquid filling accuracy. The large touch screen control panel makes the filler machine very easy to set up and operate. Filling speed, fill volume and many other parameters are all user adjustable.

The King Technofill F2 twin pump automatic liquid filling machine uses two 10 Litre gear pumps and is designed for the fully automatic bottle liquid filling of plastic and glass bottles. It comes complete with twin pump filling head, large top mounted HMI, inlet and outlet ports, dispensing nozzle etc., supplied with instruction manual, electrical drawings etc. 

King Technofill liquid filling machines are ideal for filling hand wash, liquid soap, hand sanitizer, detergents, disinfectants, cleaning solutions, creams, gels, shampoo, oils and other similar products. The standard gear pump is suitable for free flowing liquids with low to medium viscosity at an ambient temperature.

Countertop tablet counter

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