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C.E.King Limited have been designing, manufacturing and supplying tablet capsule counting, liquid filling, bottle capping and container labelling machinery and equipment for over 75 years. King have installed thousands of tablet, pill and capsule counting, liquid packaging lines, bottling equipment, capping and labelling machines all over the globe. The King wide range of automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines is built to suit all production needs from small benchtop semi-automatic to fully automatic high output production and packaging lines.  

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With thousands of installations worldwide King maintain its position as a world leader in designing and manufacturing packaging machinery, bottling filling systems, packaging equipment and production lines. 


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Ideal for counting and filling a wide range of tablets, pills and capsules in many shapes and sizes including round white tablets, caplets, oval softgels, minims and gelatin size 0 capsule and many other irregular oral dose tabletted medicines into bottles and containers. 

Semi-automatic tablet counters and liquid filling machines

Automatic tablet counters and liquid filling machines

Multi pump and multi nozzle liquid filling machines

Bottle capping machines and cap closing equipment

Packaging Bottling Filling Lines

Purchase spare parts for your King packaging machines directly from our Online Shop. 

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Tablet counting machines

Liquid filling machines

Ideal for accurate filling of a diverse variety of liquids such as liquid soap, hand wash, hand sanitiser, liquid detergent, cosmetic creams and lotions, shampoo, gels, essential oils, CBD oils, hemo oils, cleaning chemicals and other liquids into bottles and containers.

Packaging machinery spare parts

King Spares Team maintain a large stock and provide spare parts, servicing components and upgrades for maintaining and servicing a wide range of liquid filling and tablet counting machines and other packaging machines. 

Automatic liquid filling machine
Semi-automatic bottle filling machines
Automatic bottle filling machine
Multi head liquid filling machine
Automatic capping machine
Packaging machine parts

Filling and dispensing nozzles, peristaltic precision dosing pumps and other packing machine parts