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Slats for King Tablet Counters

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King Machinery has over 25 years experience in designing slats for Tablet Counting Machines. With over 500 individual machined plastic and aluminium slat sets designed for hundreds of different tablet and capsule types.

About Mechanical Slat Tablet Counters

Standard Features

  • Fully guarded counting head with variable speed drive and controls.
  • Complete dust extraction system.
  • Electrical control console, low voltage control circuits and safety switches.
  • A repeat counter for large counts and multi-batch operation.
  • Anti-static devices.
  • Slat vibrators to assist slat cavity filling.
  • Stainless steel guards and base cabinet.
  • Electrical power lift for quick height change.
  • Slats, Filling Funnels, Extraction Manifolds and Product Hoppers are all designed to lift off for quick change over.

Optional Features

  • Siftifeed product hopper vibrator.
  • Positive ejection to remove oversize product jammed in cavaties.
  • Electronic scanning for empty cavity detection with or without automatic rejection of containers with incorrect counts.
  • Timing screw with drive unit for container rejection when scan system is operated.
  • Tablet delay gating to improve filling speeds by over-lapping filling and gating time.
  • High-powered dust collection unit.

Key Points

  • As a method of counting all shapes and sizes of compressed tablets, dragees, soft and hard gelatine capsules a slat counter is unsurpassed in speed and accuracy.
  • Accurate counting by means of positive pick up of individual tablets.
  • Gentle handling as each tablet is cradled within it own cavity.
  • Sub assemblies easily removed.

Operational Method

  • A band of continuous moving slats gather the tablets from the hopper in a pattern pre-determined by the cavities of the slats. Accuracy of count can be monitored visually or electronically. The patterned counts are then discharged via funnels into the pre-positioned containers. Containers are changed during the non-fill parts of the machine’s cycle.

General Information

  • The precision machined slats are normally manufactured from a FDA approved engineering plastic however when tablets of less than 5mm diameter are required and when a scanning is important the slats are machined from Aluminium Alloy 6082 HE30 which is then hard black anodised.
  • Two slat widths are available, 32mm (1.25”) and 38mm (1.5”) with either one and two rows of cavities. The size of cavity selected generally allows more than one product to be handled.
  • The product can be positively ejected from the slat into the container, preventing mis-shapen tablets and broken pieces from lodging in the slat cavities.
  • A visual check area can be easily scanned by the operator in order to inspect the product and confirm count accuracy. Alternatively, an electronic scanning unit can be mounted to check every cavity is filled, and incorrect containers can be rejected.

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